Best. Weekend. Ever.

Each of us has a long list of things that we feel like we need to do. This can span from professional work, to house projects, to watching television, to doing chores, to going out with friends. Often, your significant other just gets your left over time. But this is not relationship advice; 

Every week, my daughters write a list on their chalkboard of activities that they want to do on the upcoming weekend. It might include visiting Michaels for arts and crafts, stopping by Justice for makeup, or going to Color Me Mine so they can make ceramics. Movies and ice cream often make the list too, which seems to be never ending. A minute of down time is unacceptable to them, and because of that, our family ends up doing a lot of fun stuff together.

I realized there was a great lesson here on how to better use our “left over time." A lot of people simply want to veg out all weekend because they had a busy work week. Others might plan to attend a party one night and then tackle chores that were on their weekend to do list. Suddenly, though, the weekend is over and they’re left thinking, “Wow! Monday already?”

Why not plan the weekend to enrich your mind, body and soul? Think about those things, and what it might mean for you. Would the perfect weekend be starting Saturday morning with a yoga class to help you relax and feel good? Maybe it means picking up your family’s favorite foods and planning brunch or dinner with them. Whatever your perfect weekend entails, it should allow you to feel like you are smarter, healthier, and more at ease.

People often tell me that because they’ve been working hard they deserve a drink, or that they deserve that fried chicken sandwich, or that they deserve to watch an 80s television marathon all weekend. Not me. I think I deserve to feel good at the end of the weekend, and personally, I like to feel a little healthier, a little smarter, and mentality rejuvenated. We all deserve that.

I challenge you to plan your weekend. Plan some things for your body, mind, and soul, and see if you can have the Best. Weekend. Ever.